May 2, 2010

Dog Horoscope: via / Libra for Brasco

Dog Horoscopes - LibraDog Horoscopes - Libra
September 24 to October 23

Good natured, gentle, faithful and playful

on the naughty side...
Lazy, greedy, possessive and vocal

lazing around
lots of attention
being ignored
being bullied by other dogs
being scolded
Dogs under this sign tend to come across as elegant, charming, playful and quite gentle.  They have a well balanced and lovely temperament, but have this insatiable appetite for constant attention and approval, to the point where it can actually become quite irritating.  They are very much in tune  to their owner's moods and always seem to be sitting next to them at the right time when they sense their owner needs a loyal companion for support.  They go out of their way to please their owner and just love receiving pats and rewards for their loyalty.  They are very sociable around other dogs and people, loving the play and interaction it creates enabling them to get some more of that attention they constantly seek. Lower back problems are of concern for Libran dogs and because they are great lovers of any type of food given to them, their owners need to be particularly careful they don’t let them get too overweight.

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