Aug 31, 2009

Jim and CheeChee

CheeChee looks like Dynamite and also has a few of his ways. 


Fuzzy-face, or as hes better known "the girl magnet" , has a mohawk and he looks like his dad.  He, just about every time, closes his eyes when he sees me with the camera.  Hes got big ol purdy eyes, like his dad. 

Brasco, Betty, Dynamite, Fuzzy-face, CheeChee

Aug 19, 2009

This is Betty (mom to ALL the babies)

Betty is a long-haired Chihuahua. She has had 3 litters and not one puppy looks like her. (we only had 1 survivor in the 3rd litter, so unfortunately she may have had some looking like her there) She has red, light brown, black, slick hair or hairy puppies. Some get big (8-13 lbs) , some have stayed small. I know there is one puppy that looks just like Fuzzy-face. He only weighs 8 1/2 lbs, I think its all hair. lol Hes a cutie. Anyway, Betty is a good mom. Chee Chee was the one left in the 3rd litter, so she had no one to play with, sooo she plays with Mom. Shes getting kinda big, so its a little rough on Mom lately. We have introduced Chee to her dad and the boys, so they all get along. She barks (or squeaks) at the Fuzzy-face. So cute. She climbs all over Dynamite, her look-a-like. They seem protective of her.


Dynamite loves to jump on our back when we're at the puter. Sometimes he even looks at things on the screen. He has typed to his Uncle Bob in Wisconsin. lol A big hand "splat" on the keyboard, basically. Anyway, if hes not on my back or Jims back, he is under the cover on the bed. Hes "The King".

Aug 16, 2009

Puppies Puppies Everywhere

see how little dynamite used to be lol
mom, dad
Blue bed in the box 1st litter

More Chihuahua Pics

!st litter

Chihuahuas Everywhere

pics with the plaid bed are the 2nd litter
Brasco and Betty had their first litter of puppies Dec 7, 2006. Puppies total 7 and all were fine. Dynamite was the runt (he now weighs in at 13 lbs) He is "The King". Jim taught him how to sleep under the covers, so now that's where he sleeps. He is the only one that does that. Feisty used to, sometimes.
The next year, Betty had 7 puppies again, Dec 3rd this time. All were fine once again. There really wasn't a runt, as such. The smallest one was a girl, so naturally her name (the one we called her) was Nitro. (Jim named Dynamite and Nitro) There was also Lon, Chaney, Spike, Flip, Alvin(shes a girl, but she had a black dot on her belly, reminded me of a chipmunk) and Red. The entire 2nd litter was sold.
Betty waited 2 years to have another litter. This time she was due in the summer. She got really big, bigger than the other 2 times even. When the big day came (night actually) she had 8 puppies, but only 1 survived. We still don't know what went wrong. It was so horrible. Two of the puppies lived until the next day, but 1 died the next morning. The other died the next day.
The little survivor is Chee. She is a go getter. She looks just like her big brother, Dynamite.
He even lets her climb on him and when she sleeps in with the boys and her dad, she leans on Dynamite.